The revised logo

Following on from our last newsletter and the consultation regarding the introduction of a revised logo we were grateful to have received a number of comments by email, phone and by social media. Overall the response was strongly supportive of the revision although there was general agreement that the font would benefit from being bolder. A few suggestions picked up on the new red quarter band and the green of the core logo and suggested the font be in blue so as to make the logo representative of the three emergency services.

A small number of respondents made suggestions for the current logo and these revolved around the introduction of a variety of coloured encloses to simply removing the BASICS portion of the title. A small number of you were concerned losing the BASICS branding as it was felt that was a major part of the Association’s identity. The Board of Directors considered all of the responses and have refined the proposed logo to incorporate the suggestion of the bolder font as shown. In designing the revised logo there had a been a number of considerations.

Our current working title of BASICS has served us well and indeed whilst it would no longer be figure-headed on the revised logo we would anticipate our schemes would continue to use it where it features in their own title i.e. BASICS Essex etc. The term BASICS does have its issues; many omit the ‘S’ and do not realise that the term is drawn from the full name of the charity, instead they interpret our role clinically and operationally as being basic! For this reason, it was felt that, after much deliberation (some of it over many years), it was advantageous to move away from its use so as to better represent the work of the Association and its members.

The red quarter band in the revised logo picks up on our very first logo where the entire core (circle and cross) were in red. This was changed to our current logo after objections concerning the use of the red cross, a protected emblem in international law. Todays use of the red quarter band also signifies the advanced skills our scheme responders bring to their patients and this is also reflected in the use of red for our epaulettes and on our PPE.

Whilst recognising the intent regarding suggestions adding blue into the logo, this would not have been inclusive to our role and indeed to our membership. The Association is proud to include members from all three of the emergency services but also has members who work and volunteer for a range of other services and organisations. These include all three branches of the military, a range of search and rescue organisations as well as from sport and event medicine.

The revised logo will be introduced in April 2020 and whilst we hope to see many of you transitioning to its use there is no absolute requirement to do so. Should schemes wish to redesign their logos (and again there is no requirement to do so), the HQ staff will be available to assist, email Nancy Howlett to enquire about how we can help. Schemes that have a response vehicle that displays the current logo will be able to apply for replacement logos, at no cost to themselves. Details will be provided in due course under separate cover.

The restructuring is nearly complete

As many of you will recall the strategic restructuring has been ongoing throughout 2019. A major part of this has been the preparation to reform the current charity BASICS and its associated company (BASICS Education Ltd) into a single charitable entity. Following financial and legal advice at the start of process it was decided that this was best achieved by re-registering BASICS Education Ltd as a charitable company limited by guarantee and transferring all the interests of today’s charity into this new entity. As a result of the work over last year and into the first two months of this year the British Association for Immediate Care has now been registered at Companies House and the Charity Commission.

Therefore, as per the resolutions agreed at the November 2019 AGM, the membership of the current charity (BASICS) will be transferred to the new charitable company the British Association for Immediate Care at the end of this financial year. For our members and schemes this process will be seamless and the only significant changes that will be noticed will be the adoption of a revised logo as detailed above and for the very observant a new charity number and the use of a company number. All our current services will continue as before.