Top 5 Benefits of BASICS Training

BASICS offers a variety of courses that provide training on all aspects of emergency care in the pre-hospital setting, including medical, obstetric and paediatrics as well as trauma emergencies and mass-casualty incident management.

The ‘starter’ course, the Pre-Hospital Care Certificate (PHECC), is available for doctors, registered nurses, paramedics and other healthcare professionals. All participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded with certification from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. BASICS offers a range of other courses that build on this foundational course knowledge which those who are more experienced can access directly. These include the Paediatric Pre-Hospital Care Certificate (pPHECC) which focuses entirely on the paediatric population.

But just what are the benefits? BASICS explores:

Quality Medical Knowledge

By joining us on one of our courses, you’ll be working and learning with an organisation who has been at the forefront of practicing and developing pre-hospital care since 1977. BASICS aims to provide practitioners with the skills and knowledge to provide immediate care at the site of an accident or other medical emergency, and through our training courses, we’ve had the pleasure of providing countless professionals with vital knowledge that have been used in some of the UK’s most demanding of emergency situations by civilian and military personnel. All of the Instructors are current practitioners from a range of professional and voluntary backgrounds that include BASICS Schemes, HEMS, the military, NHS Ambulance service and sport/mass gathering medicine.

Quality Relationships

BASICS aims to forge strong working relationships with colleagues across the UK, so that those working at emergency scenes have the highest quality of medical knowledge. Our quality relationships ensure that our training and knowledge is superior, whilst opening doors to impressive opportunities across the medical sector. BASICS hosts an annual pre-hospital care conference in partnership with the Faculty of Prehospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and this attracts practitioners from all walks of like and practice.

Real Life Skills

All BASICS courses teach real-life skills. With our Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Course covering a wide range of skills we help to prepare you for treating critical conditions within a range of emergency situations. Our courses are up to date and include the latest advances and ideas in prehospital care. Taught by current and experienced multi-disciplinary practitioners our participants regularly comment on the emphasis on true to life practice issues rather than idealised guidelines and protocols.

Range of Methods

Our courses contain a variety of teaching methods. Over the course of our training programmes, we provide a mixture of lectures, small group sessions, workshops and practical skill stations to ensure that all information can be learnt, absorbed and practiced and then applied within trauma scenarios that bring everything together..

#Learn from the best

More than a hashtag this ‘motto’ typifies what our participants tell us. We deliberately set out to educate through building the principles that guide all levels of prehospital care. By combining current topics and developments with established practice we focus on the realities of prehospital practice so that our participants leave the course informed, skilled and above all insightful into the realities of pre-hospital practice.

If you want to experience these benefits, sign up to one of our courses today. During October, we’ll be hosting five different courses covering a wide range of pre-hospital care topics. Contact us via or visit our courses page to find out more:

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