The British Association for Immediate Care has introduced a dedicated national helpline for pre-hospital care staff, volunteers and their families and friends to help them deal with the dilemmas arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. Utilising a dedicated 0300 number the line operates alongside WobbleMail which allows callers to leave a request for a callback at a time of their convenience (including at night).

Staffed by three volunteers the service allows callers to express their fears, discuss their concerns and to simply ‘sound off’. Tony kemp, Chief Officer of the Association explained that ‘it was felt that from the outset it was important to provide the service for the benefit of the friends and family of pre-hospital care workers, because in living with and supporting those working they too have concerns that need adressing and this has indeed proved to be the case.’

The line has won the approval of a range of other bodies and organisations, including the College of Paramedics and AACE and on social media its message spread by many members, non-members and others including a number of NHS Ambulance Trusts.. It will remain in place for as long as it is needed because as time moves forward and staff, volunteers and their families get more tired, there is likely to be an increased need for a friendly voice at the end of the phone.

The WobbleLine can be contacted on 0300 303 1756 or using WobbleMail by leaving a message on the same number or by sending an email to