Speaker in the Spotlight: Les Gordon

Welcoming Les Gordon to our Speaker in the Spotlight series. As a consultant anesthetist for almost 40 years, Les is driven to improve the management of severe accidental hypothermia following the death of a colleague’s wife, in 2009. He has since published a number of papers on the subject, which includes ‘The Use of Intermittent CPR in Severe Hypothermia’.

During his talk, ‘Pre-hospital Management of Severe Accidental Hypothermia’, Les will focus on the critical role pre-hospital care practitioners can play to prevent further deterioration.

Talk Title

Prehospital Management of Severe Accidental Hypothermia

Why should delegates attend?

In the UK, severe hypothermia is rare so people get little experience managing it. Survival is eminently possible, but only if practitioners understand the issues and manage cases correctly. This knowledge can literally make the difference between life and death.

What is the most valuable message/lesson you feel they will learn?

Like anaphylaxis, severe hypothermia is rare so you need a protocol. You need to have thought through what you will do, and where the patient should be sent, before you encounter a case.

2-3 Interesting facts that will encourage delegates to want to find out more

  1. Severe hypothermia takes physiology and the potential to survive to extremes.
  2. The lowest temperature from which someone has made a complete recovery is 13.7°C. How was that achieved?
  3. There are different rules for managing a hypothermic cardiac arrest compared with a normothermic arrest. In particular, prolonged CPR may be needed (hours).

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