Speaker in the Spotlight: Brigadier Tim Hodgetts

Introducing our new Speaker in the Spotlight series: An exclusive opportunity for you to gain insight into the Speakers and Workshops that will feature at 2017’s BASICS and FPHC Annual Conference.

Kicking off the series in style, is Brigadier Tim Hodgetts, Co-Founder of West Midlands based philanthropic initiative, citizenAID, which aims to help members of the public ‘be prepared not scared’ in the event of a deliberate or terrorist attack.

During his talk, ‘Preparing for a terrorist attack’, Tim will focus on the important role pre-hospital care practitioners can play in the event of a deliberate attack, such as empowering the public to save lives before professional help is available.

 Talk Title:

citizenAID: preparing for a terrorist attack

Why should delegates attend?

“To learn about the rationale for the citizenAID initiative and how YOU may be able to help improve public resilience to a deliberate attack.”

What is the most valuable message/lesson you feel they will learn?

“It is our duty as pre-hospital care practitioners to empower the public to save lives before professional help is available, particularly when that help is predictably delayed.”

2-3 Interesting facts that will encourage delegates to want to find out more

  • citizenAID is a charity and is working hard to provide the public free information.
  • citizenAID has produced materials to support schools, which are strongly supported by teachers.

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