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BASICS feels there are three areas in which the charity can relate to members of the news and press services. We are generally an “invisible” charity, our members frequently use blue lights, park with the other emergency vehicles, wear similar protective clothing, and appear as part of the statutory response. We welcome any publicity that is given to the valuable work our members undertake.

To this end we encourage our members who attend incidents that are receiving regional or national coverage to provide us with information for a Press Release. We aim to get this on the site whilst the news is still hot. Obviously life-saving comes first, and we must respect patient confidentiality and the needs of the Police, but we will try to give an accurate and valuable report, and there may even be a picture or two.

We also realise we are a valuable source of information about pre-hospital care in general, and have therefore prepared a series of briefing documents to assist the news services when an incident breaks. We hope that this will be useful information when information and background is urgently needed.

You may contact our Headquarters during the working day on 01473 218407

but there is also a BASICS Press Officer available 24/7 to take your calls on

07545 972796

For members of BASICS with details of incidents they have attended, e-mail to: