The British Association for Immediate Care has introduced a series of badges recognising an individual’s length of membership at the 10, 20, 30 and 40-year milestones.  Within this initial round of awards, 183 ten-year awards, 113 twenty-year awards, 36 thirty-year awards and 7 forty-year awards have been identified. Most members due to receive an award have now received their awards although some 10 and 20-year awards remain outstanding as further supplies of the pin badges are awaited from the suppliers. Unfortunately, these are now delayed due to the restrictions for Covid-19 and as soon as service returns to normal, we will post out the outstanding badges.

Dr Chris Brittain, one of the recipients of the 40-year award and a past chairman of the Association wrote expressing his delight and commented ‘I look now with admiration at the bravery, professionalism and skills of the present generation of pre-hospital practitioners from all backgrounds and am proud that the enthusiasm and persistence of my inventive and eccentric, friends and colleagues from those early days has led to such unimaginable improvement in patient care.‘ he went on to say ‘I am thinking of you all and your families at this very difficult time, but I know that despite the current problems your professionalism will see you through.’

Others have similarly expressed their gratitude on social media and through emails to the office. Tony Kemp, when the chairman of the Association, in announcing the awards at last year’s conference expressed a wish to recognise our members who have been so faithful to the work of the Association. The current chairman, Paul Gates, said ‘I am delighted that the majority of these awards have been sent prior to our closing the office due to Covid-19. Now, as never before, we need to express our thanks and gratitude to all of our members for their ongoing support, these badges do that and recognise not just length of membership, but also those who instruct on our courses, serve on our committees, working groups, and our staff’.

The Association’s course and events officer, Tracy Parkinson, recently celebrated 20-years employment with the Association and received her 20-year award. Tracy said ‘its hard to imagine I’ve really been here 20-years, its been fun and this [badge] is special.’

The membership awards will become a regular feature of the Association with the badge changing to incorporate the 2020 logo.