Whilst inherently involved in pre-hospital care paramedics are finding a home within BASICS. A rapidly evolving profession paramedics bring with them a range of experience and training that is redefining pre-hospital practice.

Within BASICS paramedics are valued members of the teaching teams within BASICS Education, serve on the Executive Council and its subcommittees as well as contributing within some of the local schemes. Currently it is the later area that draws discussion as paramedic practitioners seek to contribute their skills within the immediate care setting alongside medical and nursing colleagues. In recent years the military have sponsored a number of their medical technicians/assistants to train in the civilian setting as paramedics and these individuals play a hugely important role both operationally within the Afghanistan and Iraq theatres of operations as well as elsewhere.

Within BASICS Schemes different models of involvement are evolving ranging from part of a multi-disciplinary response team available in a shift pattern, to individuals teaming up with a doctor as a formal but ad-hoc team working together as able and learning from each other. In a few instances individual paramedics are operational as independent practitioners on an on-call basis alongside other scheme members of whatever profession. As the Critical Care Paramedic role develops the role of operational paramedics within BASICS will reform.

Outside of BASICS schemes many paramedics operate independently or as part of a specialised team providing care in a wide variety of settings ranging from all forms of motor racing, sports, mountain and cave rescue, snow patrols etc and within a range of non-traditional settings including hostile environments, the offshore industry etc.

BASICS is the UK’s leading provider of professional pre-hospital education and networking and as such gains much from its paramedic members. They increasingly contribute to the expanding evidence base within immediate care as well as working alongside our other members both on scene and in other areas.

As a professional association BASICS takes pride in the informed dialogue its members bring to the local and national debates and whilst by nature of employment paramedics are involved in pre-hospital care it is membership of BASICS that involves them in that dialogue. BASICS membership provides an ideal platform for informal and formal professional development bringing with it opportunities to engage with regional, national and international figures whose expertise is helping to shape emergency care.

Paramedics join BASICS as a full member here . . .