Military Medic

All branches of the British military have medical staff working in support of their registered health care professionals; they go under a variety of titles according to service (CMT, medical assistant, sick berth attendant etc) and are all trained in a range of medical skills. They are not registered health care professionals and yet have very specific skills and many of them have amassed considerable experience after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as providing operational support wherever the British military serves.

Military medics are a small but important part of the BASICS membership in that they are part of a unique branch of pre-hospital medicine and one that frequently leads in innovation that later transfer into civilian practice. Frequently poorly recognised in civilian circles military medics are frequent participants on BASICS courses with a number of bespoke military PhEC courses being run at home and abroad each year for different branches of the services.

BASICS has a number of military medics amongst its membership some of whom are also faculty members of BASICS Education teaching on both civilian and military courses.

Some military medics who are not registered paramedics can be granted full membership although with the military now developing the training of registered paramedics through partnerships with civilian Ambulance Trusts most military medics will be eligable for Associate Membership.

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