Community Responder

Over the recent past community responders have become an established and important part of the formal emergency care community. Drawing members from a variety of backgrounds the role of the community responder varies from ambulance service to ambulance service united by each individuals desire to save life in their neighbourhood.

BASICS, whilst an association for primarily healthcare professionals has long welcomed anyone interested in pre-hospital care into its ranks and extends a warm invitation to our community responder colleagues as Associate members. As a sub-group community responders have a very focused area of activity that whilst limited in scope to specific interventions and therapies does impact on the pre-hospital care of the nation. Two of our schemes in particular have served as parent organisations to community responder schemes whilst others have a more distant but supportative role. In many instances our operational members also take on a community responder role within their neighbourhood beyond their more normal trauma care response.

Today within BASICS there is a fostering of innovative and impactful schemes that involve groups ranging from medical students to military personnel, from GP practices to individuals. As pre-hospital care evolves further it is essential that all aspects of formalised care are not only aware of each other but in close dialogue, BASICS is where that is happening!

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