As a member of the Association, you and those you love, have free access to a completely confidential health assistance programme. Run by Health Assured the programme is focused on bringing a range of well being interventions for the benefit of yourself, your partner and children aged between 16 and 24 (in full time education) living with you.

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A problem shared is a problem halved

Of particular note is the trauma and critical incident support service.  Specialist counsellors provide support and guidance to help you understand and move on from the emotional and psychological reactions of trauma and critical incidents.

Contacting Health Assurance 

Use freephone number UK: 0800 0305182 (24h) or go online by following this link (the username is “Health” and password is “Assured”). Calls will be answered by a fully trained and qualified Counsellor who will provide initial emotional support.

About the assistance programme:

Your Health Assured Assistance Programme offers guidance and support on a wide range of issues including:

  • Mental wellbeing – moral distress & injury, anxiety and mental health concerns.
  • Specialist information in regards to legal queries, consumer rights, debt or domestic matters – the counsellor will assess your requirements and transfer you to an appropriate specialist, eg legal, consumer, or financial information.
  • Personal – marital, relationship and family concerns, emotional issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, behavioural difficulties, bereavement, sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Work-related – the counsellors offer 24-hour confidential support for work-related concerns such as stress, bullying, anger management and career direction.
  • Employee management – support to managers from counsellors, experienced HR specialists, or occupational psychologists.
  • Health – advice on health issues such as symptoms and treatments, medication and surgery, inoculations, travel vaccinations and lifestyle programmes (e.g quitting smoking).
  • Child and dependent care – such as advice on caring for children, elderly relatives and disabled dependents, and searches for finding care homes, nurseries etc..