London Bridge Attacks

The tragic events of last evening on London Bridge and the surrounding areas follow rapidly after last weeks Manchester bombing and the Westminster attack of only a few weeks earlier. Once again amidst the terrible tragedy of mindless murder and injury we have witnessed incredible scenes of rescue and care from those in the immediate area and the 999 emergency services.
BASICS members have been involved at all of these recent attacks and others, country wide, stand ready to assist if called upon in their area. Their training, experience and integration within the statutory 999 services make them a valuable resource.
Other members, whilst not integrated in the same way, have a valuable role also. All of our members can spread the message of what to do in the unlikely event of a terrorist incident: Run, Hide, Tell. Point family, friends and colleagues to the Citizen Aid resources and emphasise that these attacks are rare but that we do need to be prepared.
Run away. Do not stop to take photographs or video the events unfolding.
Hide. Get undercover, if possible lock/barricade yourself and those you are with away from the main thoroughfare, even then hide. These attacks are fast moving and it is unlikely that a terrorist will take time to break down doors etc to gain entry to search out victims – they prey on those in front of them.
Tell. As soon as you are safely away from the area/hidden dial 999. As we have seen police and medical help is extremely rapid.
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