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Becoming a member of the British Association for Immediate Care is simple and rewarding. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in pre-hospital immediate care.

We have different levels of membership, so whether you are a student, a first aider, an EMT/ECSW or a health care professional, we have a place for you. The different catagories are explained below and if you’ve any questions then please ring (0300 3031757) or email Nancy, our membership officer, who will answer your questions.

We’ve a range of benefits and discounts available to all of our members and these include:

  • Free admission to our online workshops*
  • New vehicle discounts
  • Discounts from the UK’s leading medical equipment suppliers
  • Insurance packages
  • A range of discounted pre-hospital care courses from the Association*
  • Annual conference with discounted attendance
  • Free access to Health Assured – a 24-hour helpline offering practical information and emotional support, including Counselling, Personal legal information and Tax information etc
  • Grants and Bursaries
  • Regular newsletter
* Subject to having been a member for 1-year if paying by direct debit, or having paid your membership subscription in full for the year

Full Membership

This is open to any individual registered medical practitioner, registered nurse or registered paramedic,  who supports the aims and objectives of the association. Full members are able to vote at the Associations annual general meeting and serve on the Board of Directors (the Trustees).


Associate Membership

This is open to any individual who has an interest in pre-hospital care who does not meet the full membership criteria. We have associate members who are associate practitioners, nursing associates, ambulance ECSW staff, military medics, community first responders, search & rescue professionals, first-aiders and others from the allied health care professions interested in pre-hospital care.


Student Membership

Student membership is open to students studying on an approved course leading to primary professional registration with either the General Medical Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council or the Health Care Professions Council, including:

  • Those studying to advance from associate practitioner status to practitioner registration, and
  • Those undertaking study for primary registration with one of the health care regulators and who already hold a primary registration with one of the other health care regulators.

It is also open to those undertaking a training course of no less than 1-academic year leading to an associate practitioner role in healthcare. this includes:

  • Those undertaking study for an associate practitioner role, including registered nursing associate, associate ambulance practitioner (or equivalent including FREUC 5) and physicians associate.

Please note that student membership is not available for

  • Individuals undertaking short courses.
  • Those medical practitioners undertaking foundation or speciality/GP training.
  • Those undertaking post-qualifying undergraduate and postgraduate courses including those studying to enhance and/or advance their current professional role are not eligible for this level of membership.

Retired Membership

This is open to individuals who have now retired from their profession, who are of pensionable age and not otherwise continuing employment and who still wish to support the work of the Association.

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