Friend of BASICS

Friends of BASICS are important of our organisation; some are grateful ex-patients, some relatives of our ex-patients and others are those who simply wish to support the work that we do.

As volunteers who frequently put our hands in our own pockets to subsidise equipment needs for the work we undertake we understand the dilemma of committing to support voluntary work no matter how good and how worthy the cause is.

Nonetheless BASICS relies on public support and the support of organisations and in these days of recession and the falling pound like many other charities the potential for revenue to fall is serious whilst at the same time the weakening pound increases the cost we pay for equipment and consumables. Supporting BASICS is not expensive by joining as a friend, you have the reassurance of knowing that your money is valued as a precious gift in the same way that our work is valued for the precious gift of life that we help to maintain and on occasions restore.

Some of our friends become more deeply involved either with the local schemes or simply by popping along to one of our meetings, there is no commitment and if you’d like to get involved at all we’d appreciate any help you can offer.

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