Full Membership


Membership is subject to the payment of an annual subscription. Each full member shall have one vote at Association meetings.

Is open to any individual registered medical practitioner, registered nurse or registered paramedic,  who supports the aims and objectives of the association.

The Association also has a number of classes of non-voting membership. These are also subject to the payment of an annual subscription. Admission to these classes of membership is subject to the individual satisfying the admission criteria of the Association. These members will be entitled to receive copies of approved General Meeting minutes upon reasonable request.

Associate Membership

This is open to any individual who has an interest in pre-hospital care but is not entitled to full membership and includes military medics, community responders and others. Subscription rates are offered at different rates depending on the individual’s circumstances


  • Associate
  • Student
  • Retired member
  • Honorary Life Member – Conferred at the discretion of the Executive Council in recognition for service to the Association, this is obviously free, but if the member also wishes to receive the Emergency Medicine Journal then a subscription fee is payable


Friends of BASICS Membership

Corporate This is open to any organisation (local, national or international) that has a commitment to the practice of pre-hospital care either as a provider, supplier or manufacturer or as part of its commitment to excellence in occupational health and safety. Please discuss subscription rates with our Chief Executive

Individual Supporter For any person who wishes to support the Association.

Members must remain in good standing with the Association and appropriate professional bodies.  Membership may be terminated by the Executive Council or its representatives as defined within the bye-laws.

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