January 2017 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • A message from our Honorary Secretary
  • New website information
  • The New Paediatric PhEC Course
  • Upcoming courses
  • Future Events

Dear Colleague,

Firstly, a very belated Happy New Year! I hope that the Christmas holiday period enables you to have some rest and spend time with your friends and families. I know that a number of you were busy over the period responding to calls and that is what makes our association great!

On 25th June this year BASICS will be celebrating its official 40th birthday. I found this out through reading the very first BASICS journal which was produced in late 1977. I was fortunate to have access to this as my Vice Chair in BEARS, Dr John Eaton, who will have also done 40 years in Immediate Care this year, has most of the original publications. It was very interesting to see the large number of schemes that existed then, both from hospitals and also those that operated in the “traditional” model. Along with John Eaton, there will be a number of you who will have been with the Association for its entire existence. I am sure you will have seen changes in almost everything from kit to green lights! I would like to thank you for your support and contribution to Immediate Care over this time.

Looking at the publicity video that Dr Brian Robertson and others originally produced for BASICS and the newEMICS one only further highlights the progression you have made and led on. How we care for our patients in the pre-hospital environment has moved on significantly over the years. Better education programs for paramedics along with BASICS set up and led courses has contributed to this advancement. There are now formal qualifications in the field which BASICS led on along with the setting up of a sub-specialty in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine.  As we move forward BASICS still has a key part to play in the delivery of this field and continually impacts daily on patients lives who have either been injured or who are ill up and down the country.

As we move into the 40th year work is at a pace for this year’s conference. We hope it will be a great experience for all who attend including the birthday dinner. More details on this in the next month or so. Work is continuing on the future strategy for the association following your feedback in the questionnaire and the information gained from the focus groups I led on. Once this is in final draft form, we will send it out to the membership for comment and discussion. It needs to fit with what you want from your association in the future.

I am leading on a piece of work currently, along with Simon Scott Hayward, looking at a new PPE option for BASICS schemes. Since the previous supplier to most schemes ceased trading last year appropriate kit has been difficult to find. The plan is to a have a bespoke product with the right pockets etc. in either one or two piece versions in the same material as before with the BASICS logo as well as space for scheme own identification. I hope to have more information in the next couple of months.

I am looking forward to 2017 and its significance to BASICS.

Paul Gates
Hon Secretary

 New For 2017!

2017 sees not only our 40th Anniversary but also many new initiatives within the organisation. Further details will be announced in due course. But the first two innovations are coming in the next few weeks.

New BASICS Website

We have been working with a web design company to produce a new website which is now undergoing the final stages of testing.

The new site looks fresher than the one we currently have and should be we hope, a useful resource for our members. It retains many of the features of our current site but this has been an opportunity for us to update tidy up the content. There is a dedicated Members’ Resources section where you can access guidance documents, drug and equipment safety warnings, details of membership discounts and other membership schemes.

One feature of our existing website that will not be available on the new one is the CPD log. Since very few of our members were using this feature, we have decided to discontinue it. We have emailed those concerned; but if you are using the CPD log and haven’t received an email, we ask that you download any data that you have stored on the system as once the old website is switched off, we will no longer be able to access it.

New Paediatric PhEC Course

The Paediatric Pre-hospital Emergency Care (PPhEC) Course is open to all those who have completed the PhEC or other appropriate pre-hospital care courses.This one day course is geared to develop participant’s knowledge and skills related to paediatric patients, to make them competent, thinking, pre-hospital practitioners with the confidence to deal with childhood emergencies.

The course is presented as a mixture of lectures small group practical skill stations, case-based scenarios, workshops and discussion groups.

Sessions include:

  • Aetiology of illness and injury
  • Recognition of the sick child
  • Airway assessment & management
  • c, B, C, D, E
  • IO access
  • Trauma scenarios
  • Medical emergencies (including ‘the iffy kid’)
  • BLS/ALS scenarios

The fist course will be on Sunday 25th June at Yarnfield Park Training Centre, Stone, Staffordshire and places cost £225 (or £200 for BASICS members)

For further details, please contact us on 01473 218 407 or by email educ@basics.org.uk

Upcoming Courses

Three Day PhEC course

A three-day course on all aspects of emergency care in the pre-hospital setting including medical, obstetric and paediatrics as well as trauma emergencies and incident management.
The course is available to doctors (FY2 and above), registered nurses and registered paramedics.
Participants who successfully complete the course are awarded the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Certificate by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd)

3rd to 5th April 2017 at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Stone.

£806.00 for BASICS Members

£877.00 for Non-Members

Two Day Advanced PhEC Course

This two-day course for previous participants on the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care course develops and enhances the necessary skills to deal with medical and other emergencies encountered in all fields of pre-hospital care.

It is highly recommended prior to undertaking the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care examination.

6th & 7th April 2017 at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Stone.

  £535.00 for BASICS Members

£561.00 for Non-Members

 Five Day Immediate Care Course

The five-day course continues to be very popular with many of the participants going on to successfully complete the Diploma Examination at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

The course is available to doctors (FY2 and above), registered nurses and registered paramedics.

The course covers all aspects of immediate care with the emphasis on practical skills as well as formal lectures and training scenarios. The first three days comprise the PhEC course and forRCSEd. Succesful candidates certification is awarded by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

3rd to 7th April 2017 at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Stone.

£1,173.00 for BASICS Members

£1,270.00 for Non-Members

 Two Day PhEC Refresher Course

This popular two-day course is directed at previous participants on the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care courses and the Immediate Care Courses to ensure that skills are maintained and updated to incorporate the latest developments in pre-hospital care.Mainly practical in content the course also offers an opportunity to renew acquaintances and enhance your knowledge in relaxed surroundings.

24th & 25th June 2017 at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Stone.

£535.00 for BASICS Members

£561.00 for Non-Members

For more information on any of these courses or to book your place, please click here

 Future Events
Wednesday 15th March – Saturday 18th March 2017For details please click here

PHEM Emergency Surgical Skills Course
University Hospital Coventry – 18th May and 16th November 2017
A one day course covering the skills of surgical cric, thoracostomy, thoracotomy with cardiac wound control, upper and lower limb amputation & humeral EZ-IO insertion.
Cost £550 and registration via https://wmstc.co.uk/portfolio/phem-ess/