Immediate Care Course (ICC)

Dates and prices for the ICC are being worked on at the moment, it is hoped to run a course in the first quarter of 2021.

5 days of pre-hospital focused learning

Highly practical
A multi-disciplinary faculty
Taught by current practitioners
The care of adults, children & infants
Includes assisting with a pre-hospital anaesthetic


The immediate care course is a multi-disciplinary course for experienced registered HCPs who are, or who are anticipating, providing advanced pre-hospital care in a range of environments. The course is designed to assist those preparing to sit higher professional exams, such as the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care.

The course allows participants to adapt their own scope of practice to the pre-hospital environment.  It will consider the complexities of the environment, resources and onward treatment pathways across a range of patient ages and presentations (medical and trauma) including mass casualty incidents. A focus will be brought to issues of human factors in the different scenarios encountered so as to enable the individual to work within formal multi-disciplinary emergency care teams. This will include undertaking the team leader role.

Specialist modules will encompass:

  • pre-hospital care of the infant and the child
  • assisting with a pre-hospital emergency anaesthetic

Dates to be announced soon, please pop back soon.