ID Check

BASICS is very aware that access to incidents needs to be controlled. Whilst membership of BASICS is open to a wide variety of people our ACCREDITED members have had their professional registration and their training validated by the Quality Directorate. They also have to show:

  • Evidence of professional development in the field of pre-hospital care.
  • PHEC certificate or Immediate Care Course or Diploma in Immediate Medical Care or Fellowship of Immediate Medical Care.
  • Evidence of activity in the pre-hospital arena.
  • Recommendation from an Accredited BASICS member.
  • They carry Indemnity insurance


They also undertake:

  • To recognise and adhere to the requirements of the local Immediate Care Scheme or equivalent.
  • To maintain accurate clinical records that will be part of the patient’s permanent medical record.
  • To keep a log book of activity to ensure that clinical activity is audited and skills updated as necessary.
  • To be actively involved in and committed to a programme of continuing pre-hospital education recommended by a suitable body.
  • To adhere to all scheme policies procedures and guidelines for practice.
  • To perform only those actions and/or procedures in which they are trained and competent.
  • To be conversant with the concepts of communication, command and control at the scene of incidents.
  • To be competent in radio communication skills.
  • To utilise appropriate personal protective equipment in accordance with relevant guidelines.
  • To maintain a high standard or driving and preferably to achieve a certified standard such as IAM or RoSPA or to undertake other advanced driver courses, if their work in immediate care requires them to drive to incidents.

To check whether an individual is an accredited member of BASICS, enter the BASICS membership number, surname as on the ID card presented to you and/or the date of birth given by the member. You will be shown their ID photograph which you then compare to the one on this site.

Membership Number
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Date of Birth