Dr Judith George, nee Fisher was a past Chair of BASICS and a well respected figure amongst the pre-hospital medical community until her death in 2023. Judith trained as a GP and originally worked in Germany as the wife of an army officer before returning to take up practice in Southampton. Judith was then appointed as a consultant in emergency medicine at the Royal London Hospital before a move the Princess Alexandria Hospital in Harlow and on retiring worked as a ships medical officer within the cruise industry based in the United States.

With a lifelong interest in pre-hospital care stemming from her medical student days Judith was a volunteer BASICS doctor for much of her professional career and whilst working and living in London attended many of the IRA bombings of the 1980’s. She also attended the Clapham Rail Disaster in 1988 and the sinking of the Marchioness on the Thames in 1989.

A founding member of BASICS Judith was active both as a responding doctor and as a trustee of the charity. She was instrumental in the formation of the Resuscitation Council (UK) which was originally convened as a sub-group of BASICS as the Community Resuscitation Action Council (CRAC). Judith served as the founding Chair of the Resuscitation Council (UK). An active proponent of bringing AEDs into the public domain and the teaching of CPR to the public. Judith was an acknowledged international expert on Disaster Medicine and in demand as a conference speaker worldwide. Judith was consultant to the World Health Organisation, senior medical adviser for the Football Association and chief medical adviser to the British Red Cross.

Judith stayed involved with BASICS throughout her life.