General Manager Experiences Life on the Frontline with NARS

BASICS General Manager, Gary Scott, recently joined immediate response charity Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) on a shift, experiencing life as one of the volunteers attending to serious incidents and medical emergencies in the local area.

NARS is a Norfolk based scheme run by doctors and paramedics who volunteer their time to enhance the level of care provided for patients who suffer serious injury or acute medical illness.

The team carries specialist equipment designed to cope with challenging emergencies, often called upon to assist in the management of the sickest patients, both at home and at the roadside.

As General Manager of BASICS, Gary is working hard to dedicate time to supporting all schemes and joined NARS for a first-hand look at how they operate and the challenges they face each day.

Gary was delighted to join NARS on Tuesday 25th September, heading out with Ryan Warwick and Al Moore to attend to a variety of incidents, where he was pleased to witness their dedication to improving patient outcomes first hand.

He confirmed: “It was a privilege to spend the day with the NARS team and witness first-hand the contribution that they, and other BASICS schemes, make to the delivery of high-quality immediate care services. What’s even more impressive is that this is all done a voluntary basis and funded by the generosity of local people.”

Jamie Crawford, Compliance and Media Lead at NARS, added; “It was fantastic to have Gary join the team for a shift on our new multifunctional vehicle. We are proud to be part of BASICS and look forward to potential exciting projects ahead.”

Gary now looks forward to visiting and supporting the rest of the BASICS schemes across the UK.

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