Executive Council

The Executive Council is the governing body of BASICS. Its members are elected according to the Constitution and is open to all full individual members. The members of the Executive Council are the legal Trustees of the Charity and usually meet four times a year.

Council members can access the Executive Council page here

The Council currently comprises of:

Officers & Senior Leadership Team:

Chairman: Mr Anthony Kemp MBE

Vice Chairman: Dr Andrew Pountney

Honorary Secretary:  Mr Paul Gates

Honorary Treasurer: Dr Rowland Cottingham

Immediate Past Chairman: Dr J Hickman MBE

Trustee Members of Executive Council:

Dr Alison Walker

Mrs Deborah Walter

Rev Graham Smith

Co-opted Members of Executive Council:

Dr Simon Brown (Clinical Governance Committee Chairman)

Dr Andrew Smith (Immediate Care in Sports Lead)

Dr Darren Walter (International Lead)