As we start 2020 I want to let you know about the new education packages we have been working on over the last year, an exciting opportunity to join our discounted Immediate Care course pilot and wanting to seek your feedback on our updated logo.

Through the development of our key training programmes we have wanted to ensure the Association provides a high standard of education for people in Immediate Care, which is at the cutting edge of people’s needs as they deliver pre-hospital care in all environments.

The Association has now updated both the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care course (PHEC) and Immediate Care course.

Pre- Hospital Emergency Care course

The PHEC will continue to be run over three days and is a great introduction to pre-hospital care for those who have a need to manage both medical and trauma patients in this unique environment. The content has been completely updated with more workshops and discussions to ensure the learning is practical and meets the needs of the modern pre-hospital professional.

Immediate Care course

The new Immediate Care course has been completely re-written and restructured. The course is now designed for those who want to respond as part of an Immediate Care Scheme of the Association or other organisations. It will cover the level of information and skill required to undertake the examinations in Immediate Medical Care. It is a full five days, taking participants to a level which will support a deeper level of delivery of care.

The course will cover how to assist in Pre-Hospital Emergency Anaesthesia, paediatrics and the resuscitative surgical procedures necessary to manage airway and chest problems.

Whilst the course will not allow someone to be signed off to undertake the procedures it will allow someone to be ready to respond confidently to the full range of pre-hospital care emergencies.

Discount pilot course

The new courses will launch from April this year. To support their introduction, we will be running a pilot Immediate Care Course in the spring where we will offer discounted places to scheme or individual members in exchange for feedback and comments.

As well as education I am wanting us to continue to develop what we offer our members, how we support our schemes and also how we can lead and support pre-hospital care leadership more generally.

Leadership is something which is important to me personally, and as an Association we do a lot of it either at the roadside, in someone’s home, at various venues across the country or within local Immediate Care schemes. It is essential therefore that we can support our members by developing programmes that provide you with the right skills and support to do this better and for the benefit of our members and the patients we attend.

This is an exciting time for the Association as we move forward.

New logo

Finally, I would really like to seek your views on a slight change we have been thinking about to our logo. The aim is to make it sharper and to add part of the original red back into it. The other change proposed is just to use the British Association for Immediate Care, rather than BASICS. The proposed new logo is below. Please either pass your thoughts to me directly or through the office.

I hope you have had a fantastic January.

Paul Gates