BASICS Honours and Awards

The Executive Council institutes prizes, honours and awards in the field of immediate care, its organisation, operation, research or other activity in connection with immediate care where it deems such prize, honour or award will further the object of the Association or foster greater understanding or learning in connection with immediate care.

Honorary Life Members

Awarded by the Executive Council to mark an individuals exceptional service to the Association.

Rt Hon The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine KT

Mrs R Adams

Baron Ashley of Stoke

Mr R Bailey

Dr H M Baird

Dr C N Brittain

Dr N Caroline

Ms J Clarke

Dr M Fahey

 Dr R J Fairhurst

Dr J M Fisher

Dr K Hines

Mr T Laerdal

Dr I H MacLeod

Dr I D McNeil

Mr K Morrallee

Dr B Roberston

Dr P Safar

Dr N Silverston MBE

Dr D Zideman

Mr R Steyn

Mrs R Lloyd

Prof. Sir Keith Porter

Dr J Hickman MBE

The Asmund S Laerdal Award

It all began with the near-drowning of his son, Tore, and Asmund Laerdal’s desire to promulgate mechanisms of resuscitation. This event occurred almost simultaneously with the landmark work of Peter Safar in the utility of mouth-to-mouth ventilation. These factors stimulated this wood and plastic toy-maker into the development of a mannequin to teach airway manoeuvres and mouth-to-mouth ventilation. 

But the contributions from the Laerdal family did not stop with Annie. She was followed by the development of an improved version that made CPR training into an educational experience reinforced by feedback. Then came the resuscitation baby, the self-inflating bag-valve-mask, the intubation training mannequin, a monitor-defibrillator, and more and more. Laerdal pioneered an industry dedicated to the preservation of life and wellbeing.

Much of the profit from the sale of these innovations has been invested in the support of conferences, in the development and distribution of educational programs, stimulation of journals, and the provision of awards to stimulate quality research in prehospital and disaster medicine.

BASICS is honoured to have the privilege of choosing a nominee for one such Asmund S Laerdal award each year. Awarded at the discretion of the Chairman in consultation with the Senior Officers of the Association the Laerdal Award is given to recognise an individual who has provided enduring service to prehospital care. A member of BASICS the recipiant is recognised as having contributed to the development of prehospital care either through practice or education. Exceptionally the Laerdal Award is awarded to non members whose activities within prehopital care meet the above criteria and who undertake this actiity on behalf of BASICS.

1984 – Professor F Pantridge

1985 – Dr K C Easton OBE

1986 – Dr E Gardner

1987 – Dr D Chamberlain CBE

1988 – Mr R Bailey

1989 – Mr W Rutherford OBE

1990 – No award

1991 – Dr P J F Baskett

1992 – No award

1993 – Brigadier I R Haywood

1994 – No award

1995 – Mr R Myles Gibson OBE

1996 – No award

1997 – No award

1998 – Dr I H MacLeod

1999 – Dr C J Eaton

2000 – Dr C Carney

2001 – Dr K C Hines

2002 – Dr B Robertson

2003 – No award

2004 – Mr K M Porter

2005 – No award

2006 – Dr D Baker

2007 – Mr H. Sherriff

2008 – No award

2009 – Dr John Scott

2010 – Dr R Fairhurst

2011 – Dr John Stevenson

2012 – Dr Andy Mason

2013 – Dr David Zideman LVO

2014 – Dr Andy Smith

2015 – Dr Jonathan Joslin

2016 – Dr Rod Mackenzie

BASICS Lifetime Achievement Award

Inaugerated in 2013 to honour individual members of the Association who have provided long and faithful service through to pre-hospital care, normally awarded at or near the individuals retirement from pre-hospital care.

2013 –  Dr Dick Herbert

2014 – Maggie Horner RN

2015 – Martin Fuller, Paramedic (retired)

2016 – Dr Ian Gibson MBE


Awarded by the Executive Council annually to members and others who have provided valuable service to the Association/local Scheme worthy of formal recognition. 

In the case of members awards may be considered for long service, reward for service above and beyond the normal call of membership, to mark exceptional work etc. 

For non-members the BASICS Award marks the Associations gratitude for ongoing commitment or exceptional one off acts.

1986 – Mrs D Marshall & Sgt J Howitt

1987 – Dr R Winch MBE

1990 – Mrs R Adams

1991 – Mr R Myles Gibson OBE

1996 – Mr K Smith

1998 – Dr M Cottier, Dr R Herbert, Dr R J MacGregor

1999 – Mrs D Sherriff, Mr V Smith

2000 – Dr S Brown, Dr J Coward, Mrs J Clarke, Dr P J P Holden, Dr I D McNeil, Mr T Nuttall, Mr D Parkins, Miss R A O’Shea and Mrs D Sherriff

2002 – Mr A Parker, Mr N Spike and Mr M Willis

2003 – Ms A Colledge and Mrs B Smith

2004 – Dr I Davies, Dr N Foster, Dr T Gray, Dr A Mason, Dr P Noble-Mathews, Mr T Rowe

2005 – Ms C Clenshaw, Dr A Jones, Dr A Mowat, Dr P Patel, Dr A Simcock, Mr A Thurgood

2006 – Prof K Porter, Mr D Whitmore

2007 – Mrs V Brooks, Mrs M Horner & Mr D Koufoudakis

2008 – Dr J Hall, Dr P Hardy, Ms T Hobster, Mr A Lee

2009 – Mr L Watson, Mrs R Lloyd, Dr 
C Deakin, Dr P Hyde, Mr I O’Donnell

2010 – Dr E Bateman. Mrs. S Smith, Ms H Vantours

2011 – Mr Barry Hart, Dr Priscilla Noble-Mathews, Mr Mark Turner

2012 – Ms Tracy Parkinson, Mr Tim Nutall

2013 – Mrs Caroline Williams, Dr Simon Brown, Mr Henry Frydensen, Mr Colin French, Dr Andrew Butler, Dr David Hickson.

2014 – Dr Simon Scott-Hayward

2015 – Dr Jeremy Mauger, Dr Steve Smallwood

2016 – Dr Ruth Gratton, Mr Christopher Marsh, Mr Rob Horton, Dr Christopher Press


2005 – Dr J Joslin on behalf of colleagues in Malta.

2006 – National Association of EMS Physicians. Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

2008 – JRCALC. Prepardeness Division, Department of Health.

2009 – College of Emergency Medicine. Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

2010 – BASICS Allerdale. The BEEP Fund

2013 – Medical Department, Carnival UK.

Haywood Memorial Lecturer and Medal Recipient


Brigadier Ian Haywood died in September 1994. He was a Professor of Military Surgery and was due to be Chairman of BASICS later that year. He was a keen supporter of both BASICS and St John Ambulance, and was a formative force in the development of the British Army Trauma Life Support course (BATLS).

After his death BASICS Executive was empowered to initiate an annual memorial lecture, the first of which occurred in 1996.

1996 – Dr J Scott

1997 – Dr B Robertson

1998 – Dr K Hines

1999 – Mr H Sherriff

2000 – Dr C Laird

2001 – Dr J Rawles

2002 – Prof J Ryan

2003 – Dr J M Fisher

2004 – Col T J Hodgetts

2005 – Dr G Davies

2006 – Prof D Chamberlain CBE

2007 – Mr T Laerdal

2008 – Dr T Clarke

2009 – Dr F Moore

2010 – Dr R Fairhurst

In 2011 BASICS held its first joint conference with the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care which had its own Miles Gibson lecture, The Haywood Memorial Lecture was suspended.