Dr Hugh Baird died at the age of 86 on the 19/08/ 2012 after a long illness.

Involved with BASICS since its inception in 1977 Hugh was a calm, gentle and wise practitioner who gave great support to BASICS in its early years as the first Vice chairman.  I think I first met Hugh at a now infamous conference in Manchester in 1976 when a rebel meeting at 2am in the late Dr Robin Winch’s room lead to Immediate Care Doctors making a breakaway from MCAP, The Medical Commission on Accident Prevention.  Things moved quickly and in March 1977 at a meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons in London Hugh seconded a motion from the late Dr John Farrar that “ A Medical Association of Immediate Care Schemes be formed”  It was carried unanimously .  Hugh went on to propose that the late Dr Ken Easton be named Convenor of a working party to take matters forward.

In June 1977 at our first AGM Hugh was appointed Vice Chairman, a post he held until 1982 when after a major heart attack he was advised to stop all BASICS activity and so never became our chairman.  His presence at our Executive Council meeting was greatly missed, a tribute to the high regard in which his work for BASICS was held.  He subsequently had coronary artery bypass surgery which was very successful.

Hugh was the first Scottish representative and worked tirelessly for the interests of Scottish Immediate Care as Scottish affairs were managed from the BASICS office, at that time, in the basement of the Royal College of GPs in London

It was the foresight of people like Dr Hugh Baird that set the sure foundations for BASICS and BASICS Scotland, the successful organisations they are today.

He leaves a wife and four children