MBE for Brave BASICS Doctor

Peter GordonDr Peter Gordon, Formerly General Practitioner and Police Medical Adviser, Northamptonshire has been awarded the MBE in the New Years Honors list for services to Emergency Care.

He was the co-founder of the Northamptonshire GP Accident Scheme in 1976 with the now retired Dr Alan Sutton of Roade.


The Scheme was formed at the request of Northamptonshire Ambulance Service controllers and staff and gained charitable status in 1978. The original equipment for the Scheme was purchased from funds raised by the general public, voluntary organisations, Wellingborough police officers and The Evening Telegraph 1980 Christmas Appeal.

The Northants Scheme was merged with EMICS in 2008 when the Ambulance Services were merged to form East Midlands Ambulance Service with a regional control room in Nottingham.

He was the Forensic Physician and Medical Advisor for Northants Police Force for 11 years. His role as Force Medical Advisor enabled liaison between police and ambulance service personnel in certain circumstances such as road traffic collisions which might involve abuse of alcohol or drugs.


In 2010 he was commended for bravery when he was one of the team of 10 which attended a horrific crash on the A14 after a lorry smashed into a heavy goods vehicle, sending it crashing into a van and jack-knifing across the carriageway. He helped use fire extinguishers to put out the flames which were engulfing the lorry driver who was screaming in terror.


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