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Press 150It is our sad duty to report the death of BASICS Doctor and stalwart of the BASICS Educational Faculty, Dr Tony Press.

Dr Press was member of NARS for over 20 years, responding to both medical and trauma emergencies when called by the ambulance service.

During his time with NARS he saw many changes in equipment, communication and training. He was elected to various posts within the organisation including becoming Chair of NARS, and led the service forward with new developments, including developing joint working with the other schemes in Suffolk and Essex. Tony was very supportive of members in the scheme and helped them to develop and progress.

He was also an Instructor/Examiner for BASICS pre-hospital care courses accredited by the Royal College Of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

His pre-hospital care work also included being part of the medical team at Snetterton Race Circuit, as well as covering various other major public events.

NARS CCP Barry Hart said 'I recall attending an incident on the A11 where a car had gone off the road, where the driver was trapped. I arrived to find Tony overseeing operations and his son Chris (also a BASICS Doctor) in the car treating the patient. A great team to look after you!'

Our thoughts are with Tony's wife and family and all who knew him.

BASICS Honorary Secretary Awarded for Actions at Shoreham Airshow Crash.

Kemp RHS 150Congratulations to our Honorary Secretary Tony Kemp, who has been presented with a Royal Humane Society testimonial on vellum  by HRH Princess Alexandra, President of the Society.

The award was made in recongition of his actions in the aftermath of the Shoreham Airshow crash last July. Society secretary Dick Wilkinson outlined the dangers faced from aviation fuel fires and possible explosions, as well as the destruction at the scene.

Dr Karen Eastman and Dr Marianne Jackson also received awards for their role in assisting victims at the scene.

Tony was on duty as the senior volunteer clinician at Shoreham Airfield providing cover for the air show. Drs Eastman and Jackson were both attending the show as spectators but came forward to offer their help after the crash.

The Testimonial on Vellum is awarded where someone has put themselves in considerable danger to save, or attempt to save, someone else.

If you believe the critically ill or injured deserve the very best care, read on!

The British Association for Immediate Care has championed the development of pre-hospital emergency medicine since it was formed in 1977. Today we are forging strong working relationships with our colleagues in BASICS Scotland and the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care so that together we can provide the highest quality of medical knowledge and skill to those who need it most, and all at the accident scene, day or night, fair weather or foul. The members of this Charity blend in amongst the paid Emergency Services, working together as a team. Whether you wish to join, or merely learn more then read on.

BASICS and you

Doctornurseparamedicmilitary mediccommunity responder or student? BASICS has something to offer you if you are interested in pre-hospital care.   Perhaps you're looking to get involved, pop in on our schemes page and make contact with your local BASICS scheme.

If you want training then take a look at our internationally respected courses and book a place on line.

Just interested in what we do?

Why not become a Supporter of BASICS?

Keep up to date with Immediate Care news, read up on the history of immediate care and those who have made significant contributions to BASICS or follow up on what our members are doing in your locality.

Click here if you'd like to thank a BASICS member or Scheme for coming to your assistance or to the assistance of a loved one.

Information films available online:    

Vinnie Jones demonstrates CPR   

What to do when the blue lights appear

TV Programmes that might interest you

Whatever your interest enjoy visiting our website .

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BASICS Education Courses

Training for Pre-hospital Care BASICS offers a variety of pre-hospital courses approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Faculty of Pre-hospital Care that can take the novice to Diploma standard. The courses can be purchased on line and take place at different locations around the country. Stand alone courses can be provided to organisations that can pull a group of up to twenty four candidates together, and we have a specially designed Military course that can be supplied to Military bases. You can have access to the e-learning packages that can be bought as individual modules, or build them up until you are ready to take the RCSEd examination. As a member you can use the CPD system to keep a record of your training and continuing development. The members area of the site offers a huge resource of information for our members and a forum for your views.

Become a member of BASICS

Benefits BASICS can offer you training, accreditation, special discounts, continuing professional development, identification, peer support, special offers, grants, awards, fellowship and more... So just what will BASICS do for me? BASICS has four major roles in pre-hospital care. It is a Professional body representing all involved in prehospital immediate medical care, whatever their discipline. It is an Operational body whose members deliver prehospital immediate medical care in a variety of situations. It is a Training body that delivers courses in prehospital immediate medical care, and It is an Advisory body that can provide advice and guidance to members, other professional bodies and Government on issues related to immediate medical care, medical aspects of major incident management and mass gathering medicine .

Emergency Services and the Press

We welcome liaison with the Emergency Services and the Press. This site offers the ability for Emergency Services to check the identity of our members. Go to ID check for further details. Our members frequently provide us with first hand information about their role at incidents. Obviously constrained by confidentiality, Police needs and legal requirements nonetheless the accounts provide a valuable insight into what happened. We also have a "Press Information" section with background information on our work and the incidents we meet. This is intended as a resource for those with a deadline to meet.


For all your Immediate Care needs The BASICS shop is open to all members, but some products are limited to accredited BASICS members. You can purchase insurance, protective clothing, immediate care equipment, e-learning packages and pharmaceuticals as well as radios, report forms, windscreen stickers and gifts.

Press Releases

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